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Case Studies

A handful of my favorite projects of the last 10 years.

State Farm Mobile

As Creative Director, I set my teams up to create a 3x Webby Award winner app

Samsung Tune

As design lead, I made a smart audio device that kickstarted a robot

Lenovo LanSchool Air

As design lead, I created tools that enable teachers to embrace technology

Samsung Clio

As design principal, I made a smart device remote that evolved into a class leader

Alabama Power SmartLakes

As a consultant, I designed an app to inform lake communities with vital data

Samsung Sports

As team leader, I created guidance for product teams around the world

NFL Falcons Digital Media

I created dozens of digital artifacts to help an NFL franchise realize record profits (2010)

I made an award winning UX to simplify a perpetual flood of content


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“... James led projects that helped bring excitement and attention to our lab all the way up to the CEO — a rare achievement at Samsung ...”

Moe Tanabian
VP & General Manager, Microsoft

James reported to Moe at Samsung


“... Sometimes, you build enough trust in another person's skills and you come to rely on their judgement, often above your own. James is one of those people ...”

Chris Turkstra
Head of Product, Amazon

James and Chris were peers at Samsung


“... As my supervisor and a friend, James was motivating, responsible, and caring. He is one of the most talented designers I've worked with to this day and I've learned so much from him ...”

Scott Seung-Hyuk Noh
Principal Designer, Loft

James was Scott's manager at Samsung


“... James knew far more about digital media, technology and the manner in which consumers interact with it than anyone in the building... He always knew immediately what others would take months or years to figure out ...”

Dan Levak
Director, Atlanta Falcons

James reported to Dan at the Atlanta Falcons


“... I still remember James presenting his fine-tuned UX for media and IoT... all executives in Samsung Electronics in HQ phrased and wondered how he made it that simple ...”

Daeeop Kim
Strategist, Samsung

James and Daeeop were peers at Samsung


“... James wore many hats, from leading projects, creative direction, design, and understanding business & technical needs. His ability to understand and solve complex UX challenges with user centered design made him essential ...”

Kenny Chui
Creative Director, Facebook

James and Kenny were peers at Samsung


“... James is extremely unique because he maintains many of the strengths one would find in a VP of product... Beyond being a multidisciplinary designer, he is also a skilled strategist who can lead cross-functional teams to build extraordinary things ...”

Rob Christensen
Sr. Director, Salesforce

James and Rob were peers at Samsung


“... His breadth of experience and his easygoing manner makes it easy to look up to him as a leader and mentor. It's an absolute privilege working with him ...”

Esther Jun Kim
Principal UX, Volkswagen

James and Esther were peers at Samsung


“... James has a rare combination of technical, business and design acumen. I had the pleasure working with him at Samsung. Not only did he prove himself to be an excellent designer and project lead but also a joy to work with. ...”

Suranjit Adhikari
Dev Manager, Amazon

James and Suranjit were peers at Samsung

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